Brooke is the mother of 2 little girls, Willow Rose and Winter Eve and one spirit baby Aurora. Experiencing varied arrays of trauma and grief she holds space from a place of grace and compassion and her personality adds light hearted humour and warmth. Her classes and workshops are focused on empowerment, freedom and resilience giving you the tools so you can break through the stories, past conditioning and stress.

She has deep passion for health and Neuroscience, believing that with deep knowledge comes the power to not just change ourselves but to change the world. Practising for over 10 years fusing together her skills as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Teacher Trainer, Moon Mother Practitioner, Herbalist, Reiki Master and a background and love in Neuroscience and Psychotherapy.

Brooke has spent the last 12 years studying various Science Degrees too assist on her own healing journey, including: Nutrition, Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine, Psychology, Neuroscience and Psychotherapy.

Brooke also holds space for monthly New Moon Rituals and Workshops in The Craft channeling her practices in Wicca and honouring the four generations of Wiccan's that stood before her. Her passion is helping bring ritual and magic into daily lives, becoming empowered through our stories and to stand in our own truth, unlocking our creative code.

You can find Brooke every Monday night teaching Kundalini Yoga at 6PM - 7:30PM.

"Just because I have healed does not mean I am free, It means I have an obligation to help others so they too can heal. To be able to see your own pain and traumas transform to light by helping another brother or sister is the most beautiful process of evolution and love we can experience." - Brooke.