YIN yoga

Yin Yoga works on a deep level, targeting the connective tissue and provides massage to the joints and your meridian channels. It is a powerful practice where postures are held for 3-5 minutes. The poses are predominantly seated, which encourage the practitioner to relax into the pose. You are often supported with lots of props to assist you to let go with greater ease. It works deeply on the energetic structures of the body. A class may focus on a particular meridian, organ or season as its principles are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. In a Yin class, it can feel like you have had an acupuncture session or a massage! 

vinyasa YOGA

Vinyasa Yoga is a great style to increase strength and flexibility in your body and mind. This style is dynamic, creative and encourages you to connect your breath to movement. Vinyasa challenges and energises you just as much as it soothes, rebalances and clears your system. All levels are welcome.


Journey through the chakras, our psychic centres, in a fusion of Yin, Agama and Hatha styles. A deeply nurturing class to help bring balance to the entire body including a cellar level. Feel restored, revitalised and grounded so you can start your day with your cup full. 

This class is for those who are up for both an energetic and physical challenge. It is a holistic approach, opening you to the greater awareness of your innate wisdom. Let it overflow from your practice into your day.

This 60 minute class will include pranayama (breath work), sun salutations, asana dedicated to each chakra, which we can hold for 1-3 minutes to deepen the effects, and final relaxation.

classical pilates

The true vintage Pilates, mat class will work to balance all muscles groups’ strength, flexibility and stamina with main emphasis that each movement deeply challenges, and work emanating from the core muscles, which is called the “Powerhouse”. Pilates is a safe method to sculpt, lengthen and tone your body, improve posture and feel increased agility in your everyday movements. Our resident Pilates teacher, Corey, is a classical Pilates teacher with over 2000 hours in training with the best. She has trained directly under grand master, Cythia Lochard who was Romana Kryzanowska’s protégé directly under Mr Pilates. Corey has been been privileged enough to work at such institutions like The Sydney Opera House and under Cynthia Lochards prestigious studios in Sydney. A class with Corey is of the highest standard and thus class numbers are limited to only 10 people.

sound healing journey

Join us every week for a deeply restorative sound journey. Take time to lay down, rest and allow the healing vibration of sound support you and recharge your batteries. Using a combination of Crystal Didgeridoo, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Indigenous Flute, Drumming and Tuning Forks to name few allow one of the countries leading Sound Medicine Practitioners to get your vibes right.