KUndalini yoga & meditation

with brooke skinner

Why should we feel bound by the anxiety we feel when being triggered by stress? How can you move from a place of constant triggers to a place of resilience?... By strengthening ones nervous system.

By doing specific practices that work on strengthening the nervous system we release ourselves from stress and become more resilient to anxiety and depression. This carefully created class works on reducing stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Enhancing your dopamine and serotonin production, naturally. Making you less inflamed throughout the body. Feeling calm, sharp, and able to learn new things and all round nicer and easier person to be around.

As a teacher who is fascinated with and studied Neurobiology and Neuroscience I have combined Kundalini Yoga Practices with Taoist and Buddhist principals along side western medicine and cutting edge research. This enables you to have tools to do at home everyday to become stronger, healthier, happier and smarter.

I believe that in this highly pressurised time we are living in, with new research being published daily it is imperative to combine Eastern, Western Principals and Philosophies. We no longer have the time to sit in a cave and meditate for 1000 days to gain control over the monkey chatter in the mind and reach enlightenment. We are lucky enough to have 1 hour in the day to dedicate to self.

In this weekly class you will be guided to move through set of primarily seated postures using Kundalini Yoga to become present in the body, breath work to calm the nervous system, meditation to expand the mind and mudra with mantra to strengthen neural pathways. This combination of techniques will strengthen the brain, clear the mind and help you become empowerment through your newfound sense of clarity and strength.

6pm - 7:30pm


$20 drop in

$18 concession

5 Class Pass $85

YIN yoga

with mikkeline olsen

Yin Yoga originates from the Daoist tradition and works on a deep level, targeting not only the muscles, but also the connective tissues and provides massage to the joints. 

It is a powerful practice where postures are held for a longer time than in a Hatha class. The poses are predominantly seated, which encourage the practitioner to relax into the pose. You are often supported with lots of props to assist you to let go with greater ease. It can be restorative and it can also be quite a challenge.

It works deeply on the energetic structures of the body. A class may focus on a particular meridian, organ or season as its principles are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. In a Yin class, it can feel like you have had an acupuncture session or a massage! 

With so much 'yang' in our lives, the intention of yin yoga is to restore the balance and invite us to go inward and connect with our intuition, it helps to develop our awareness of the subtle sensations in the body and mind and can give us an insight into whatever story our body has to tell.

Come and relax, drop in and enjoy a nurturing Yin Yoga practice with Mikkeline.

5:30pm - 7pm



Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced. Variations are given to honor your level of practice.

Aesha teaches Yin style yoga and a combination of Yin and Hatha that moves us from deep long holding stretches on the floor into a fluid vinyasa of standing poses and ends with breath expansion (pranayama), meditation, and lying down yoga nidra relaxation.

Before we practice strengthening and more challenging poses we start class by practicing Yin poses that encourage us to soften and be in stillness where we become receptive and open to possibilities.

Training our focus of attention to be fully aware of the breath, body sensations, thoughts and feelings as they arise without embellishing or diminishing any experience that flows through us is the foundation for mindful meditation practice that can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

9:30am - 11am



Once a month on Saturday morning we do an intensive Yin practice of seated and lying on the floor poses only.

The essence of Yin practice is Yielding, Stillness, Receptivity. Yin postures are held 3-5 minutes in sitting or lying positions. The longer hold allows deeper layers of connective tissue to open and release, as well as clearing major meridian pathways in the body (kidney/urinary bladder, liver/gallbladder, stomach/spleen, lung/heart) increasing the flow of life force and replenishing internal organs.

A deeply nourishing, meditative practice suitable for all levels.

9:30am - 11am

SACRAL FLoW - hip release for women

with jody brown

Sacral Flow is a yoga class for women to dive into to their essence…to connect, heal and restore. The hips are the gateway to your energy and wisdom….it is also where we suppress energy, which left unmoved becomes emotional and physical blocks

From an anatomical view this practice is about freeing these blocks of tension and pain through the spine, jaw, neck, legs and hips by gently releasing tightness through a group of muscles around the hips, pelvis, lower back and tops of the thighs known as the hip flexors.  The deepest and shyest of these is known as the psoas muscle and it is directly connected to our nervous system and our fight or flight response.  The psoas muscle is essentially linked to our sense of self, in Taoist tradition it is referred to as “the seat of the soul” the muscle that allows us to stand up and walk forward expansively in life.

From an emotional and energetic view nurturing, breathing and giving attention to these muscles connects us to freedom from anxiety, exhaustion and blocks around intimacy, our sexuality and creativity.  Releasing these muscles helps us to sleep, relax, digest, and enjoy healthy hormone cycles.  It gives us space and freedom to live from our heart and with trust.

In this class, we move slowly with curiosity and love. In these times of over stretching our energy and time, this is a class to replenish, restore and allow yourself to feel where you at, gently begin to bring breath and life into these areas and learn to land in our hearts.

9:30am - 11am


with adria ellis

A fun and freeing morning Qi Gong class harnessing the ancient Taoist principals. A gentle and playful class focusing on the Five-Element Taoist Yoga postures to cultivate life force energy for healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Medical Qi gong offers gentle yet powerful postures to free up the energy meridians, clear stagnation in the organs and improve the quality of your breath and Qi (energy). 

Each class focuses on different emotions and attitudes that get locked in our body. By working with the different elements we are able to improve energy and free the body from tension, to shift negative beliefs, and restore a sense of love and joy.

All levels are welcome and classes are fun and easy with gentle postures and guided instruction to support you on your healing journey, increase vitality, improve your health, increase energy levels and center your mind.

Every Friday morning 9am – 10am

Rebirthing Breathwork

with Ajna stephanie thaler

Experience the power of your own breath.  Breath is the bridge between conscious and unconscious mind, bringing healing in to the physical body, mental body and on spiritual levels. The process is an adventure in self-discovery. It is about allowing and honouring the thoughts and feelings that are present. The breath speeds up the integration of new perspective.

Breathe to free yourself from limitations of old traumas, conditioning and negative patterns. Rebirthing Transformational Breathwork is a conscious energy breathing technique. This breathing tool helps you feel energised after a stressful day/week and helps to release tension that you may even realise you are holding onto, until it’s finally gone.

- Release old negative behavioural patterns and subconscious belief systems.
- Heal old emotional wounds and traumas.
- Connect you with your deepest inner truth, your divine nature.
- Boosts confidence, awareness and trust in yourself.
- Brings you to a deep inner peace.
- Eliminates toxins, stress and boosts the immune system
- Clears and energises your Chakras/energy system
- A fundamental shift in your outlook on life
- Powerful insights occur during sessions that bring about rapid change in one’s life.
- Reawaken your intuition, innocence and passion

Class is by donation every Tuesday 7:30pm – 9:30pm


with Kyle Joseph

Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation with Kyle provides physical and mental balance harnessing ancient Taoist principals and is ideal for people with minor injuries, stress and anxiety.

Each class series we will go through correct body alignment enabling you to hold poses longer in comfortable seated and standing positions. Giving you all the benefits of deep passive stretching in a gentle restorative environment.

Every Wednesday 6pm – 7:30pm


with Kyle joseph


Every Thursdays 8am – 9am

Move to the Moon – A womens dance journey

with Suebee

An invitation for sisters of all ages to connect, flow and move together each full moon using the expression of dance to feel connected to self, empowered, more present and connected to our bodies. 

This dance journey begins with meditation using breath and connection to movement enabling us to collectively drop into our heart space, safely and comfortably. The dance journey will be semi guided with simple movements and techniques to help open the body and release trapped stories and energy that we hold in our bodies both consciously and unconsciously. 

You can expect lots of booty shaking and chest popping with the second part of the journey being completely freestyle - the music progresses into tribal epicness so we can just let go and let our own unique expression flow. We will close the journey with a beautiful circle and grounding experience to leave you connected to the divine woman you are. Feeling more confident and using the Full Moons energy to bring your hopes and dreams to fruition.

I feel so deeply honoured to be holding this space for all you beautiful sisters, come join me on the dance floor where our hearts meet within the beat and we move our bodies, harnessing Full Moon magick into every part of our being and become more present with our innate wisdom and luscious divine selves - Suebee xx


Move to the Moon is held on the following dates for 2017 at Sat Nam Institute

Friday 6th October 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Friday 3rd November 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Sunday 3rd December 5pm - 7pm


full moon sound journey

with adam rankin

Join Adam Rankin one of Australia’s leading sound medicine practitioners and healers for a deeply transformative sound experience. Harnessing the Full Moon discover natural harmonies in this inspiring session to deepen your connection
to your heart and body, as we specifically venture into being immersed in a living space infused
with the illumination of the Full Moon energy.

Each journey Adam will be activating a grid of Andara Crystals in the space to magnify the grounding of the healing energy in the room. The sound experience is guided with Crystal Didgeridoo, Planet gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing bowls, Indigenous Flute, Vocals and

Movement just to name a few.

A truly restorative, relaxing and deeply healing experience by one of the leaders in Sound Healing and Sound Medicine. Come and awaken your dreams and connect in a living space to cultivate the gold within and be held in a safe, warm, clear and loving space for wellbeing, renewal and embodiment. 


Full Moon Sound Journey’s are held on the following dates for 2017 at Sat Nam Institute

Sunday 8th October 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Sunday 5th November 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Sunday 3rd December 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Investment $25


with gopala & angel yaffa

Intergenerational yoga for children, parents, and grandparents of all ages. It is always more fun to do yoga together! Come and stretch farther than you can on your own and balance in ways that you can only do together in this fun family experience! Need to reconnect? No cell phones or Facebook allowed... it's family time.

Price: $100 per family (Includes 4 classes)

Bookings essential. Please click on the link to reserve your space.

rainbow partner yoga

with gopala & angel yaffa

Come with a partner or a friend to connect in new and fun ways, stretch farther than usual with their help, balance in ways you could not by yourself, breathe deeply together and immerse yourselves in tranquillity while you gaze into each other eyes. Come to touch and be touched, and to stretch your yoga pleasure!

Price:  $100 per person or

$150 for two people (Includes 4 classes) 

Bookings essential. Please click on the link to reserve your space.