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Chocolate Yoga Journey with Sjha'ra

  • Sat Nam Institute 2/63 Stuart Street Mullumbimby, NSW, 2482 Australia (map)




Join the Chocolate Yoga Journey for a divine fusion of Cacao Ceremony with Kundalini Yoga, to shift your yoga practice into a whole new dimension…

This will be a luscious merging of two of your greatest pleasures, chocolate and yoga, celebrating Mother’s Day by honouring the Divine Mother energy in us all.  Women & Men welcome!

Chocolate Yoga is about diving deep inside and unleashing your own raw energy, so you can experience the bliss of who you really are… pure love… pure consciousness.

Offered by Sjha’ra Taylor, the original Cacao Ceremonialist and importer of Ceremonial Grade Cacao to Australia. Sjhar’ra has a long standing apprenticeship with Keith the Chocolate Shaman in Guatemala and the Cacao Deva, directly. She will nurture and guide you through ritual and yoga into a sacred space where you can drop in deep and let go of personal clutter. 

This inspiring workshop assists us with ancient profound kundalini yoga and meditation practices to clear blocked energies and old limiting thought forms, so we can experience our highest potential. 

This is a rare opportunity to take part in birthing some creative magic – you are being offered a special invitation to **be part of a memorable Chocolate Yoga journey that will be filmed by ABC!** Tickets are being sold at discounted rates.

What do people have to say about Chocolate Yoga?

“I loved every second of it.... Absolutely blissful, divine, intense, enriching experience!” - Sunne Johannsen

“100% Divine Perfection... The Cacao Practice was insightful, a beautiful way to incorporate the earth's medicine with intention to the practice.”– Lakshmi Mortimer

“...the cacao moved through me softly and warmly, opening my heart and gently allowing myself to experience a rich knowing of who it is I am: LOVE. Thank you for sharing the practice with me / us”- Bronnie

Are you feeling called? 

Then time to step forward and quench the thirst of your soul..

$30 online / $35 at the door
Sjha’ra 0432 084 090