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  • Sat Nam Institute 2/63 Stuart Street Mullumbimby, NSW, 2482 Australia (map)




Kundalini Yoga acts as a mirror. It reflects back to us where we are on our path, acknowledges our strengths and supports us as we journey to light up and grow in our areas of weakness. When we sit on our mat, tune in and connect to our sacred space, we are committing to that loving reflection. We are making the choice through our commitments to choose love and experience new ways of being through our own personal vulnerability. 

Cleanse yourself of unworthiness, the feeling that you are not enough and open yourself to embrace the NEW idea that once you let go and shift out of of victim energy you will be healthier and you will attract similar reflections in your environment. You are able to consciously evolve and become empowered through your stories, whilst recognising how to be gentle, how to support that inner child through all life throws our way.

Letting go through vulnerbality doesn’t mean you lose everything and expose all, it actually means you gain everything through your exposure to self. At a very physical level, letting go can be quite an emotional experience; however when you dive into the tiny threads of energy linked with letting go you will find a freedom and a positive momentum that helps you attract everything in your life that is necessary for you to be in your highest good at every moment.

In this workshop we will dive into the threads we have woven, the threads of shame we hide behind even when they hold us down. We will begin to transform these triggers and responses to become more resilient. Learning tools you can take home and practice daily or add to your personal crisis kit so you can finally let go of what does not serve you or those around you.

Saturday 3rd March
9:30am - 11:30am
Investment $30
Open to all levels and experience.