jody brown

My first experience of yoga was as a very young child when I was taken to a class by my Godmother.  I had no idea what yoga was but had a ball trying to copy the teacher, a funny looking Indian man in his pyjamas, who was standing on his head.  That image has never left me.

I found my way back to yoga in my 20’s when I began studying Iyengar yoga and where my teacher told me that we are capable of healing our own bodies.  From that moment yoga has always been the way back to myself.

I found myself in an Ashtanga class and my fire was lit.  I loved the flow, the breath, the displine of not avoiding an asana which is hard, but instead finding a softer way to meet it.  As on the mat, as in life.  I practiced under some amazing Ashtanga teachers which led me to study for a year at the Auckland Yoga Academy, where I deepened my own practice and began to teach.  I absolutely loved how yoga connected me to others and to teach was a gift.

Through my own healing journey there came a point when I decided to let the Ashtanga practice go as I felt it was not serving me.  I approached my mat from an inquisitive place of healing, play and curiosity to rebuild a practice that nourished me.  And so Sacral Flow was born.

Originally from New Zealand I moved to Byron Bay over 3 years ago where I get to fulfil my passions daily by being in nature, surfing and connecting with awesome people.   I also get to fulfil my passion of connecting in my business Be In Flow where I work as a Women’s Health Embodiment Coach.

You can find Jody teaching Wednesdays 9:30am - 11am every week.