recovering the mind and body

from stress + anxiety


Lets be honest, life can be stressful at the best of times. At some point we can all relate to the feeling of being wound up and unable to let go. Whether it be of mental, emotional, or physical stress and an over-stimulation of all the above, the result is a challenged over worked nervous system. In this fast paced technological society its more common than ever.

We have become a society that seeks pleasure and avoids pain at all costs. The reality of life is that there are good times and not so good times. By consciously avoiding the tough times you are running from reality. We all do it on some level, but the truth is that avoiding pain causes neurosis. It is important to have a strong nervous system to be graceful during the tough times.



Brooke has spend over a decade fascinated with how stress and anxiety affects the body and the memory it leaves within the nervous system. Looking closely at the nervous system and the connection between mind and body she has found a series of straight to the root approaches for helping the mind and body to recover from the inflictions stress and anxiety impose.

You will find her teaching a varied array of weekly and monthly classes to help students take some of these tools home and in her private one on one sessions tailored specifically for stress and anxiety.

Sessions consist of a combination of: Neurobiology, Nutrition, Psychotherapy, Somatic Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Mentoring and Yoga Therapy.

Brooke works privately within a broad spectrum of the community, ranging between, drug rehabilitation centres, doctors, corporate CEO's, Psychologists, Disability pensioners to Supreme Court Judges. Here no fluff approach and achievable series of tools and steps help support individuals through every stage of life and to support them to take control of their reactions to stress and avoid anxiety controlling their lives.

As someone who has experienced trauma and anxiety personally she knows first hand the empowerment that comes from this process.

Private Sessions with Brooke

Initial Consult - Ninety Minutes $125

Follow Up Consult - Fifty Minutes $90


Monday Evenings 6pm - 7:30pm - Kundalini Yoga focused on strengthening the nervous system.

Wednesday Evenings 6:30 - 7:30pm - Yoga Nidra to deeply relax and allow the nervous system, mind and body to regenerate.



The Power of Letting Go - Shame Resilience workshop held bi monthly.

Recover the mind and body from stress - 4 weeks series on Thursday evenings bi monthly.