erin docherty



Erin is a facilitator of grounding, insightful and peaceful experiences. She incorporates a certain lightness and fun in all that she does. Taking the time to get to know students is deeply important to Erin, as she genuinely cares about students desires and unique journey's.

"I thoroughly enjoy supporting students in developing their inner knowing/wisdom and guiding them through an inspiring practice".

Her intention is to build a supportive relationship and to teach tools that empower you and allow you to courageously communicate your unique message; combining every aspect of your being.

Her personal use with Aura-Soma®, Yoga and Meditation has allowed her to find space in the moment to respond, rather than to react. Her extensive tool kit has increased her resiliance to discomfort in challenging circumstances and has developed her sense of awareness to life and those around her. Self-enquiry practice helps her move through challenges with more grace and to live every day with deep trust  herself.

"It is the clients I meet with and students I see on the Yoga mat that inspire me every day. It gives me motivation to continue on this path of self acceptance and growth. And it is my hope, through my own personal dedication, that I also inspire others. Trust in the wisdom within and you will feel a wonderful support. It moves through you and you can only be your Self.” – Erin Docherty


corey wittorff



Corey was introduced to Pilates by a friend, and was instantly hooked. And It’s been a 14 year love affair ever since. Her Pilates journey, and  learning how to teach this exercise art-the original method, the method which Joe Pilates himself created,  took her from her home in Esperance, WA to Perth then onto Sydney to learn and work under one of the world’s best Pilates Instructors and Trainers, Cynthia Lochard. It took Corey 18 months, full time, to complete her training and is a certified Romana’s Pilates Instructor, recognised worldwide. But she never stops learning in this craft. Corey is humble and continues to strive in her practices to be a better teacher everyday.

Corey is extremely passionate about Pilates and wants to educate people about its incredible body changing benefits, but also helping one understand their own body in the process. Pilates is for every type of physical body, it is for both men and women, young and old and those injured, everyone is welcome.

So come and try the real, original method of Pilates. In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you’ll have a whole new body – Joe Pilates.





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Growing up in Byron Bay, Caterina started practicing yoga when she was 14 years old. Since then her practice has lived through many incarnations, eventually settling into a deep love and appreciation for the freedom and creativity of vinyasa and the nurturing practice of yin.

In 2012 Cat completed her first TT 200 hr through Sukha Mukha Sydney, while doing her BA majoring in Anthropology. Followed by Advanced Vinyasa with Laughing Lotus San Francisco in 2014 and Yin TT Power Living Byron Bay 2018.

Caterina has also studied under incredible teachers like Donna Farhi, Katie Manistas and mentored by Emee Dillon and Jase Te Patu through Power Living. She has spent time teaching Yoga all over the world in many diverse spaces ranging from communes in Peru and Colombia to prestigious studios in Sydney to festivals and warehouse spaces. 

Her classes seek to  inspire and uplift, whilst maintaining a strong focus on intelligent alignment and the art of mindfulness.

"Growing up in Byron Bay, I started practicing yoga at 14 years old. Since then my practice has lived through many incarnations, eventually settling into a deep love and appreciation for the freedom and creativity of vinyasa and the nurturing practice of yin. I am a strong advocate of Yoga for Mental Health" Caterina Boutagy.

Nothing is more satisfying to Cat than seeing the shift in her students as they drop into their bodies and find a sense of presence and home in themselves. 


keith motes



Dr. Keith R. Motes is a quantum physicist and Yoga teacher learning about energy from both the intellectual and the experiential.          

Keith loves actively teaching and practicing various forms of Yogic Arts from AcroYoga, Asana, Neidan, Pranayama, Meditation, Shaking Medicine and more. He has done his Yoga teacher training with Power Living Australia Yoga, studied and practiced the work on Tantra and Kriya by swami Satyananda Saraswati and teaches Neidan, which is essentially Chinese Yoga and includes the three-dimensional rotational and articulation practice of QiGong.

Keith is an avid AcroYogi, having found AcroLove.Yoga, and is the base in the PlayfulSpirits video. Keith has shared and taught hundreds of people this beautiful art of connection and trust. 

Keith’s passion is E-motion Yoga having poured his heart and soul into bringing this into the world and sharing this ancient lost art of instinctive healing and feeling.

Keith has also invented breakthrough quantum computing technologies and is a senior facilitator and teacher trainer of E-motion Yoga™, producer of their website and online video classes, and is continually evolving and growing this art of emotional intelligence.

" I am  extremely grateful to be expanding and evolving something revolutionary that will LIFT the SPIRIT of EVERYONE on EARTH" - Keith Motes




Suebee studied Jazz, Ballet and Tap dance from the age of 7, completing her teaching certificate at the age of 20. Choosing to pursue a career in advertising, dance became a hobby in her early 20s, until a life changing adventure to Byron Bay was the catalyst for her to quit her career and follow her heart which has always led her back to dance.

She danced professionally as a commercial dancer, with numerous TV & stage performances and corporate events. Suebee developed a dance program for primary school children, which was accredited by the government and taught to thousands of children across NSW.

Since moving to Byron 7 years ago and becoming a Mama to her beautiful boy Zeke, Suebee now loves sharing dance medicine with the community, facilitating sister circles and dance workshops. She recently performed a choreographed piece by Travers Ross at the 2017 Byron Spirit Festival, and alongside Deya Dova for her Album release.

Suebee has a gentle and playful nature, and is passionate about people finding their own unique rhythm and freedom in their dance. For Suebee, dance is more than movement, it is medicine, it is connection to the divine, and a way to express the language of the soul.

 "When I dance I set my wings free. I dance to heal, to pray, and to express myself in the most deeply intimate way. When I dance I feel my spirit soar and I am one with all Creation" - Suebee Fae


ria rhythms



“As an advocate of this ‘pulse of life’ I am committed to awakening hearts world-wide through the medicine of movement alchemy to liberate you to realise your inner beauty and creative brilliance!” – Ria

Rire Norman AKA (DJ R.I.A) is Rhythms In Action; a Galactic love-warrior, Dj & Yoga/Dance facilitator who’s spent the past 17 years spinning tunes and the last 3 years traveling between Australia & New Zealand sharing and performing her Yoga Rhythms ~ Conscious Dance & Movement Project. 

She’s passionate about empowering and inspiring others to live a more sustainable and wholesome existence, while she herself learns and evolves on this blue-green planet. She guides her workshops using the powerful tools of electronic music, yoga & moving meditation, free-form dance and breath connection with an intention to transform old, stuck and toxic energies into joy, ecstasy, wellbeing and presence for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

RIA, a seasoned festival yoga teacher with her Movement & Music project YogaRhythms and trained by Power Living Australia and more recently Shiva Rea’s Chakra Prana Vinyasa and Evolution of Vinyasa, RIA’s unique gift is to bring the essence of rhythm into everything she does.

As a self confessed bio-hacker, RIA’s interest in anatomy, bio-mechanics, physiology and general heath and wellbeing has allowed her to bring a real grounded sense of intuitive insight into her teaching for a safe and practical approach to Modern Yoga.

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Ajna is passionate about embodied awakening and opening hearts. She is a qualified Rebirther, accredited Yoga teacher, certified Massage therapist, Watsu practitioner (water massage), Tantrika, Reiki master, Theta healer, Interpersonal Relating guide. She is the founder of Cacao Heart  and Soulistic Yoga & Well-Being.

Originally from New York, Ajna is a lifelong student of self mastery, exploring within, and around the world. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for over a decade, having lived and traveled in more than 60 countries around the world to learn and teach ancient and new-age forms of healing through the harmony of mind body and spirit. She has integrated the fruitful experiences she has been blessed with in her sessions. She has been facilitating groups through deep soulful connections and openings for more than 6 years and thrives in the healing that takes place on the sacred journey of the heart. She loves to hold a nurturing space in the "process" of each individual, with permission for all of the person and the personality to be wholly accepted and integrated. Breath is simply greatest tool she has found in accelerating deep processes. Simplicity and depth are found in each inhale and exhale.

She found her roots take hold the past 2 year in Mullumbimby and has recently given birth to her first daughter, who is teaching her even more about the power of breath, and living a yogic simple life.

Ajna offers private sessions catered to your own needs, cacao ceremonies, holistic retreats and weekly group sessions. 


natalie CLARK


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Natalie is a registered Psychologist and a certified Yoga Teacher. Natalie has a heart-centered approach to both her work as a Psychologist and a Yoga Teacher, where she facilitates her clients’ and students’ connection with their true self, to discover their inherent wholeness, their true nature, and to live their life with fuller hearts.  

Natalie has worked in the mental health field for over ten years, in a variety of settings including clinical, community, and occupational. Natalie works from a positive psychology framework, with a focus on fostering well-being. She works with clients to develop greater awareness and imparts skills so they can respond to situations and general challenges in a more helpful way, in a way in which they can discover their inherent wholeness so that they can flourish and move forward in their lives. 

Natalie has been teaching yoga for over three years in Australia and in other countries including Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.  Natalie teaches a Vinyasa style of yoga and she also offers a 6 week iRest® Yoga Nidra course which is run regularly in Byron Bay and Mullumbimby.

Adam Rankin.jpg



Embrace sound as a chosen path for a healing and rejuvenating practice. People leave feeling wholesome, deeply rested, nurtured, peaceful, uplifted and in union with their hearts knowing.

Sensitive and intuitively crafted, this experience is for everyone, an environment for healing and self discovery.

“This experience unfurls into inner realms that touch on, and unlock, emotions, joys, memories and timelines, bringing release and relief and an inner harmony with my greater heart and soul.”  Words from a session participant.

Adam J Rankin has a love and talent for using his instruments like a painter, adorning the room with a deep reverence and love, crafting a sound canvas with washes of colour, vivid tones and reflective moods. A fusion of many moments, cultures. Simple, Pure and Spontaneous. 

“In the inner space, there is a place of grace, where the well of life expands, and flows beyond understanding”






Carolina has been practicing Yoga for almost 20 years and teaching for 6 years.

Her practice and teaching approach is founded on continuous exploration mixing passion, acceptance and curiosity.  She is constantly looking for advanced knowledge aiming to grow as a teacher studying with internationally acclaimed teachers. 

She is a qualified Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative teacher where she blends different techniques and styles acquired over 1000 hrs of teacher trainings.

Carolina is a supportive and inspiring teacher, sharing a sense of discipline yet with lightness, joy and ease.




PJ YIN.jfif.jpeg

Pippa is a 500hr PURNA qualified yoga and meditation teacher.                                                                PURNA means ‘complete’ in Sanskrit, incorporating characteristics of the traditional yoga teachings: Asana, Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Philosophy; to offer a balanced mind and body experience.


Born in London, Pippa has lived in several different countries and travelled extensively. She has always had a passion for health and wellness however for a long while this was a side aspiration to a busy corporate life in hotel sales, marketing and events. Finally taking the leap to pursue her vision, Pippa left Sydney to settle in Byron Bay.

"I aim to leave students feeling grounded and present in their bodies. My classes have a strong focus on centering and soothing the mind, while developing strength and balance". Pippa Jackson.

Pippa’s desire is to help guide students safely, encouragingly and creatively, by teaching them responsibility for their own bodies while being mindful as individuals with movement in their practice. 

"I encourage students to open their hearts and minds, as well as their bodies". Pippa


Pippa also offers private sessions for anxiety, depression and eating disorder recovery.