yoga therapy - applying eastern + western principals alongside ancient philosophies


Yoga Therapy with Sat Nam Institute integrates the expanded consciousness of Yoga & Meditation with the empirically proven systems of holistic medicine.

We offer resources such as clinical facilities, training programmes, and corporate consultancy. In challenging, volatile times, the timeless expertise of eastern philosophies blended with western medicine helps us generate cycles of success, health, wealth, optimal performance and contentment.

Using the practices of Kundalini Yoga, known as the Yoga of awareness as a one on one therapy, to develop a healing modality utilising the individual constituents of Kundalini Yoga and to create a powerful healing regime which treats specific conditions and individual symptomatology.

Looking at the unique bio-systems of each client, from a holistic paradigm, both in health and harmony as well as in disease and disharmony. After your constellation of symptoms has been assed a personally taiored treatment regime will be prescribed using a combination of:

  • Meditation to cleanse the subconscious of mental debris & self limiting patterns.
  • Pranayama to synchronise the levels of consciousness & aid their transformation.
  • Neurobiological nutrition & dietary advice to rebuild & tonify the physical form.
  • Herbs and supplements to add organic matter to enrich the body & target specific bio-systems.
  • KY asanas and Kriyas specifically selected to accelerate the healing process.
  • Visualization to develop the faculty of projection and self healing.
  • How to add or take away heat, cold, dryness dampness and wind from the body.



  • Stress/Burnout
  • Chronic Pain
  • Heart Problems
  • Anxiety/Panic
  • Depression
  • Trauma & Grief
  • Addictive Personality
  • Life Transitions
  • Common ailments
  • Parkinsons and other Neurological dysfunction


Initial Assessment - Thirty Minutes $45

Private Sessions - Sixty Minutes $85